VVDI2 Reads VW Simos (ECU List + Abilities)

VVDI2 Simos  User Manual for newbies:

VVDI2 support some special functions for Simos ECU from VW
Engine Control Unit
OBD operation: read PIN, CS, MAC, change KM, switch OFF/ON immo, read flash,  auto detect….Supports Simos!

22) SIMOS PPD 1.1/1.5(Siemens)
23) SIMOS benzin(Siemens)

Adapt Unit
This can adapt 2nd unit to new car, synchronization ECU with immobilizer….Supports Simos!
1) ECU (EDC16/EDC17/MED9/MED17/Simos) – 4th immobilizer ECU

EEPROM dump tool
Support decode ECU EEPROM, Kessy module, J518 module, comfort module, change KM for cluster EEPROM dump
ECU EEPROM: decode PIN, CS, MAC, set new PIN, CS, MAC values
Immobox EEPROM: Kessy module(93C86), J518 module, comfort module, decode PIN, CS, Immo NO., VIN etc
Cluster and immobox EEPROM: decode PIN, KM, and change KM
….Supports Simos!:

23) ECU Simos Benzin – Immo bypass
24) ECU Simos 7 – K-line – Login code [93C76] [93C86]
25) ECU Simos 7 – CAN – Security Access Code [93C76] [93C86]
26) ECU Simos 7 – CAN – Reset component protection data [93C76] [93C86]
27) ECU Simos 6.x – Security Access Code
28) ECU Simos 6.x – Reset component protection data
29) ECU Simos PPD1x – Reset component protection data
30) ECU Simos PPD1x – Mileage calculator
31) ECU Simos PPD1x – Security Access Code
32) ECU Simos 9.1 – Reset component protection data
33) ECU Simos 9.1 – Security Access Code
34) ECU Simos 9.2 – Reset component protection data
35) ECU Simos 9.2 – Security Access Code
36) ECU Simos 6.3 – Reset component protection data
37) ECU Simos 6.3 – Security Access Code
38) ECU Simos 3.3 – Security Access Code and CS bytes

42) ECU Simos 9.1 (Polo 2007) – Security Access Code

Volvo V70 with Megamos 48: clone with VVDI2 or VVDI keytool?

2001 Volvo V70 with Megamos 48

Can we clone these with VVDI2 or VVDI keytool?

Yes! We can make it!

But you should use chip 48 cn 6 from Xhorse:


Most ID48 chips which can be cloned to this ID48 glass transponder chip include VAG, Volvo, Peugeot, Citroen and Fiat models.

Most VAG canbus chips can also be cloned to this glass chip, however, models using precoded CS after 2009 need the addition of the Handy Baby OBD Adapter for Volkswagen in order to be cloned using the Handy Baby. Additionally, some VAG models after 2009 can even be cloned using the OBD Adapter for VW in an ‘all keys lost’ situation.

The ID48 is an OEM sized glass chip which fits in all pod keys and OEM car key remotes.

Currently, ID48 represents around 10% of the vehicles on the road.


VVDI2 read PIN code Seat Ibaza 2002: done!

VVDI2 VAG read pin code seat ibaza 2002: success!

source: http://www.xhorsetool.com/wholesale/vvdi2-full-version.html

PIN: PIN code, Login, Login code etc. It can use to login module before key learn and adapt device etc

Login module with PIN code, usually use before adaptation. You can complete many useful function with this, example: learn new key, remote control, change 2nd module (old type) etc