VVDI Keytool NOT activated for ID48 96 bit Copy

For VVDI Keytool unactivated to copy 48 (96bit) transponder, the interface will pop up message:

Please contact the dealer (here: xhorsetool.com) to get the online upgrade software for upgrading firmware, database and checking reword point

So, how to activate keytool app to copy 48 96 bit transponder?

Look here: http://www.xhorsetool.com/wholesale/vvdi2-copy-48-transponder-authorization.html



What is difference of OBD 48 Copy and 96 BIT 48 Copy? Why do you need both?

OBD 48 copy needs use a data collector via OBD way to collect car data with OBD device(like VVDI2)…it can program new keys when all keys are lost but needs a OBD device that is able to read data.

As for a transponder 96bit, it’s used when you have an original 48 key; that is, you can copy a new key from an original key, without collection with the OBD and car. But attention please, here you must have the original 48 key.

In detail…



Example: (tutorial with images)

VVDI Key Tool can copy VW 48 96 bit chip


Can I use VVDI MB for 2005 CLK500 W209 all keys lost?

Question: 2005 CLK500 W209. Cant use VVDI MB for all keys lost?

Answer: Yes. you can make key by vvdi mb

when you select “check this if there is no working key” W209 isnt there.

Pls remove ezs do eeprom

Eeprom with wires on the ezs by Vvdi prog. Once you got a dump you can open it by Vvdi mb and make key files and you good


VVDI MB all keys lost support:

W166, W212, W246, W212 (old), W204, W207, W216, W164 (2009-)