VVDI Keytool and 2004 JDM Subaru SG9 Forester STI: Success!

Is the Keytool possible to make remotes to 2004 JDM Subaru SG9 Forester STI?

Yes, tested successfully with VVDI Key Tool! 2004 JDM Subaru SG9 Forester STI , 4d immo chip clone and 315mhz remote generation (manual pairing) successful! 😁

I simply cloned the immo chip and then generated remote (of the correct frequency, 315 FSK in this case) to a blank xhorse remote. Then remove kick panel, the car goes into pairing mode (beeping/interior light flashing) at which point you press unlock twice and lock twice on each remote you wait to pair.

But on some models of Subaru you need to hold the unlock button at the same time as pressing the remote buttons to pair, but not on this JDM Forester. I think maybe you need to try generating a different remote type, there’s a few options.


Tested by Murray Storm‎ 

Source: https://www.facebook.com/groups/xhorsetools/

VVDI Key Tool 3.0.0 Download Free (All versions work!)

(24.01.2019) Free download vvdi key tool 3.0.0  all versions for better European vehicles coverage:


Confirmed to work for all version! (ME, US, EU)

Released notes:

Remote Generator: Add European cars

Languages: English Spanish French Turkish

Update result: success


VVDI Keytool ME (Middle East) Ver. 3.0.0 Updated!

VVDI KEY TOOL V3.0.0 finally released for ME ( Middle East ) countries. Attache keytool 3.0.0 download link and software images.

The lastest VVDI Upgrade Kit download?


For the EU version its ok ?

It should be OK. Have a try.

Can anyone explain how my keytool changed from EU to NA region after first upgrade with upgrade kit ?  Can’t generate any VAG remotes now as all wrong frequency .

It’s I.P Address Restricted unfortunately it will only update the designated S/W based on your region


Attach: VVDI Key Tool ME 3.0.0 Images