VVDI Keytool unlocks 5-button Nissan remote – Possible?

Want to unlock this 5 button Nissan which is a 2 c 3 2 8 0 0 8 0 0 diagram shows for button but mine’s a five button will it still work

Just did one 2 days ago, it was 5 btn.
5 button is listed. It seemed to work. (Was resetting it for stock, no customer waiting). I got the remunlocker cable for my key tool and an adapter cable. (Transponder island has both) Worked great. It was the first ever use of the cable. It took about 7 tries, I’m new at flashing. The remunlocker cable has probes that will go through the clear coat over the resistors.

(Credits to Matthew L Levine)

VVDI Keytool 3.2.8 updated: Xhorse App 1.6.5 required!

Xhorse Vvdi Key Tool firmware update V3.2.8!

What’s New:
Now you can offer your customers more information via key data
1. Add Key information (VIN, IMMO System, Mileage, Fuel etc.) detection for BMW, AUDI, Porsche, Renault, GM etc,

2. Fix VVDI smart key generating errors.

3. Change interface of online function. (It need APP V1.6.5 or upper version to using online function(96bit 48 clone online, 70/83 clone online, and Toyota H clone and generate online). )


You must have Xhorse app version 1.6.5 + to update key tool firmware to 3.2.8

Tip: You have to download the Xhorse app on a computer and update your key tool with a usb cable

For Keytool users:

Dont rush into the latest version for each update

Usually, it’s chinese version first for tests, then others (NA, ME, US, GL..)

btw, Keytool 3.2.8 is for the Chinese version. but it will be available for NA, ME, US, GL..