(Solved) VVDI2 unable to work on any laptop

About: all laptops cannot find the vvdi2. how to get it to work?


Complaint from a VVDI2 owner:


I’ve had a vvdi2 for over two months now, unable to get it to work, I have four different laptops, all do different things, cannot find device, or as soon as I go to load it up it doesn’t work, I’ve tried reloading software over and over, shutting down firewall, am I not updating properly, does anyone else have these problem, kinda getting disappointed with this machine, any help would be appreciated .


VVDI2 tech support:


Disable driver signature requirement on computer, keep pressing F8 on startup

Also make sure you install the correct drivers, if one doesn’t work try the other. Should be in the same folder where you extracted the software


Important: Operators fail for sure …don’t blame the tool….unistall any windows defender, antivirus, non compatible software etc….best thing its getting just one laptop for xhorse and problem solved


Just a simple laptop …with nothing at all …i personally use windows xp and windows 7 ….but it will work in any system




VVDI2 user manual:


VVDI2 software download: (latest version 5.8.0)


VVDI2 5.8.0 Software Download (OBD read BMW E series)

Xhorse VVDI2 is updated to version 5.8.0. (09-2018):


VVDI2 V5.8.0 Released Notes:

Require VVDI2 firmware V5.8.0    

VAG V5.8.0 

1. Bugfix for read PIN/CS from old touareg ECU, manually select type is: MED9.1 single
2. Bugfix for read PIN/CS from old Bentley ECU, manually select type is ME7 slaver
3. Immoprovement for autodetect VAG immobilizer system
4. Flash VAG firmware(frf, odx, sgo): support flash VAG firmware bigger than 300M, support flash virtual cockpit cluster
5. Bugfix

BMW V5.8.0
1. FEM/BDC system add reset ECU lock(Usually used after exchange FEM/BDC)
2. Improvement for FEM/BDC key learning
3. Support read E-Series ECU synchronize code via OBDII: MEV9N46, MEV9N46L, N62_TUE, N62_TUE2, MS450DS0, MSS60, MSV70 etc
4. Bugfix

Transponder Programmer V5.8.0
1. Improvement for Rover/Jaguar(2015-) MC9S12EXT256/MC9S12EXQ384
2. Bugfix for new wireless remote
3. Immobilizer data tool: Bugfix for Euro->Peugeot->C1 24C04
4. Immobilizer data tool: Add support for Aisa->China Immobilizer box: JIAOTONG/LIANCHUANG/DELPHI/TONGZHI
5. Bugfix

How to get ISN from MPC562 BMW 520D 2007


Wondering: how to get the isn from this ecu MPC562 to programme a Key.

Keys: All keys lost.

Car: 2007 BMW 520D

vvdi doesn’t recognise the st eeprom and I can’t find anything to read the MPC562



Tips and guides:

Load it to vvdi2….file make key , make dealer key and when windows pops out click on get isn by ECU dump.


This is old dde7 so it’s eeprom … New dde7 it’s a tricore mcu and need bdm with ktag or simillar….buy a BDM programmer …you will need it


 vvdi prog cannot read the new tricore mcu