VVDI2 VAG OBD Key Programming Car List

Look here: Full key programming car list which vvdi2 full

All done by obd.


Audi A4/A6 (immobilizer box) – 1997- KWP1281

Audi A8 (immobilizer box) – 1999- KWP1281

Audi A2/A3/A6/TT/Allroard 1997+ – KWP1281

Audi A4 1997-2002 – KWP1281

Audi A4 2002+ – KWP2000

Audi A8 1999-2002 – KWP1281

Audi A3 – CAN

Audi A6/Q7/Allroard 2005+ – CAN

Seat Altea – 2007 – CAN

Seat Cordoba

Seat Ibiza (immobilizer box) – 1999- KWP1281

Seat Ibiza 1999+

Seat Leon – KWP1281

Seat Leon – 2007 – CAN

Seat Toledo – KWP1281

Seat Toledo – 2007 – CAN

Skoda Octavia – KWP1281

Skoda Octavia II – 2007- CAN

Skoda Octavia III 2007+ – CAN

Skoda Superb – KWP1281

Skoda Roomster – KWP1281

Skoda Scout – 2007- CAN

Skoda Fabia (immobilizer box) – 1999- KWP1281

Skoda Fabia 1999+ – KWP1281

VAG (immobilizer box) – KWP1281

VAG KWP1281 immobilizer – KWP1281

VAG KWP2000 immobilzer – KWP2000

VW Polo (PCF7935 transponder) – KWP1281

VW Touareg/Phaeton/Bentley/Cayenne Kline – KWP2000

Audi A8 – CAN

VW, Seat, Skoda – 2007 – CAN

Porsche Cayenne CAN – CAN

VW Passat B6/CC – CAN

VW Passat B6/CC with EDC17/MED17 – CAN

VW Golf V with Visteon dash

Audi A4 (RB8 instrument cluster) 2004+ – KWP2000

VW, Seat, Skoda 2007+ – CAB

VW, Seat, Skoda, Audi with VDO NEX 2009+ – UDS


source: http://www.xhorsetool.com/wholesale/xhorse-vvdi2-full-plus-vw-all-software-activation.html

How to add tokens for VAG OBD Helper (VAG 4th immo AKL required)

VAG OBD Helper How to add tokens for VAG all keys lost:


Price: 4 – 5 usd (depends on how  many tokens you want)

1-5 tokens: 5USD for each
5-10 tokens: 4.5USD for each
11-20 tokens: 4.2USD for each
20+ tokens: 4USD for each

(The system will help change the final price automatically)

Time: A few minutes done!

The day tokens are added = the day when you pay for tokens at xhorsetool.com

Key programmer to work with:
Lonsdor K518ise, VVDI2, APPRO: all confirmed!

Tokens will be required when you use VAG OBD Helper for:

1. If the VAG MQB immo data can’t be read out, you can try to use VAG OBD helper, but it can work for adding new keys (Take Johnson Controls key adding as an example)
2. If A4L Q5 BCM2 data can’t be directly read out, and the interface displays the data length error, VAG OBD helper can be used to calculate BCM2 data.
3.If you have all keys lost for any of 2014 A6 A7 A8 Touareg, PHIDEON with 5th immo system, you can use VAG OBD helper to online calculate BCM2 data, then working together with VVDI2, APPRO to program key.
Note: Before using VAG OBD helper, please make sure the vehicle info is not tampered and vehicle status is legal, otherwise the immo data can’t be calculated.

Free download VAG OBD Helper software with help files:


First, install VAG OBD driver software

Then connect the VAG cable to the USB port

Run VAGOBD.exe

And you can do immo data calculation

Example: OBD program a new dealer key to VW 4th immo NEC24C64

source: http://www.xhorsetool.com/wholesale/vag-obd-helper-with-10-tokens.html




2010 VW CC all keys lost: VAG OBD helper or VVDI2?

Question: 2010 VW CC all keys lost can be done with VAG OBD helper ?
If not what the process?


Remove comfort box behind glove box,
Read chip,
Vvdi2 transponder programmer
Make dealer Key
Write new file back to chip,
Start car,
Program remote with pro pad, im100 or any other computer. Vvdi sucks on remotes from my experience.

(Thanks to Yoni Bainerman )