(Solved) Condor XC-Mini “internal error” at startup

Problem: Condor XC-Mini key cutting machine has an “internal error” message on the main screen at start up. And then goes black.

Solution: Please clear all and then update software


If it doesn’t work,  you could try to “Fix internal error 1” and “Fix internal error 2″…for MORE times…and then your machine will work like a charm.


Tech support from xhorsetool.com

How to change/setup a language to Condor XC-Mini

How to set a language to Xhorse Condor XC-Mini:

Step 1: send the machine serial number to the seller @xhorsetool.com

Condor mini languages available: Portuguese/Spanish/French/Germany/Russian/Czech/Arabic/Turkish/Dutch/Polish/Bulgarian/Norway/Slovakia/Italian/English/Chinese

Step 2: the Xhorse factory will help change a language

Step 3: done with Xhorse

Step 4: update Condor mini yourself

  • Connect MINI CONDOR with your computer by USB cable.
  • Turn on key cutting machine.
  • Run Update Tool software, you can download from http://blog.xhorsetool.com/
  • Click update online button to start update.
  • Wait for the process.Finish.

Step 5: restart the machine


Tech support from xhorsetool.com