Xhorse Dolphin XP005 Firmware Update Guide & Tips

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Offer Xhorse Upgrade Kit and Windows Driver free download links to update Xhorse Dolphin XP005 key cutting machine firmware.

Part 1: Free download Xhorse Upgrade Kit and Driver

Xhorse Upgrade kit:


Dolphin XP005 Windows x32 x64 Drivers:


Part 2: Install Xhorse Upgrade Kit and Driver in sequence

Follow the prompt to update newest software

Click “Yes” to download the software

Connect Dolphin XP005 to the computer via USB cable

If it appears “Some files extracted from Xhorse update tool v1.5.1 (1). Rar were modified or new files were created. Do you wish to put them to the archive?”

Just click “No” to continue

Then select device “DOLPHIN 1” -> Upgrade version (select the newest software)

Make sure Dolphin key cutting machine and computer have been connected well.

Turn on the start button of Dolphin XP005

Click “Upgrade”

Start to upgrade…

Just wait until those little green dots stop flashing

Note: Don’t turn off the software or unplug the USB cable during the upgrade process!

Upgrade completed!
Finally, you can check the firmware version updated on Key Tool Max

Part 3: Tips to cut double-sides Honda shoulder keys

i.e: Honda HD103

This key has actually shoulders which means it has two edges sticking out


Connect VVDI Key Tool Max with Dolphin XP005 via Bluetooth

Select “Vehicle Database”-> “Honda” -> “All key blank”-> “HON58R”

Pay attention to the clamp type

It tells us to measure from the shoulders to the tip.

The shoulders are behind the line where the XP005 key cutting machine can measure.

See the little red line in the beginning of the key. It indicates that you should measure from usually.

If the key has shoulders you’re going to mention the shoulders to the tip usually. When it’s a high security key, it’s going to be from the tip down to shoulders because they don’t have any shoulders (such as HON66).

See the HU66 blade from Volkswagen, it has shoulders. We’re gonna to cut from the shoulders to the tip.

This is where it’s measuring from the shoulders to the tip.

Because a lot of people are having trouble with these VW keys, now show how to cut correctly.

Select “Volkswagen”-> “All key blank”-> “HU66”

You can see the M2- C clamp shoulder align, from the shoulders to the tip.

Make sure you have the right clamp. This M2 clamp will be for high security keys.

Note: When you’re duplicating a key the only time you use, and you don’t know what kind of vehicle or key it is. You can select “Universal key duplication” to choose the corresponding key.

Many users cannot decode correctly either that’s why you’re not creating the keys right.

Go ahead to take HON58R as an example

Make sure it’s aligned.

Follow the on-screen instruction to put the original key on XP005 key cutting machine to decode.

It needs to be decoded from the shoulder to the tip.

When decode successfully, the key code will appear on the screen.

Take out the original key, and put in the blank key from the shoulder.

Remember the tip that put it behind the line.


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