VVDI MB Tool is not a clone from Diagspeed

VVDI MB VAG Tool is not a clone from Diagspeed, X-horse engineers developed their own algorithm also they have special dedicated server for BGA calculation and FSB3 pass calculation. With vvdi bga only need at LEAST two calculation for BGA pass and for FSB3 is 100% ok! Other tool need more than 2 calculations .And vvdi server is the fastest at the moment much faster than others , but will wait to se noimmo.
I respect x-horse because they are not like FLY that clone and do not develop nothing . Look at vvdi2 for vag and bmw its more powerful than abrites also what i like with vvdi is that you have poor chance to mess anything with their tool of course need to know how to use it AND READ USER MANUAL!!!
Also support is 10000% ok and very helpful and is quick instantly of course need to syncronise time between your country and china and they have many flash and dumps for backup ,just look at theur cas repair for BMT or vvdi2 it work every time ,yes some kind of mask need over 5/6 hours to repair it online but it worth it and it will work 100% .
I have both vvdi and avdi . AVDI fuck the cas when downgrading.

Have tested it ,half of the functions are still not ok like esl repair/renew , renew nec key still do not work only read ,also ecu and gearbox renew not working also cannot read pass by IR from old EZS with motorolla MCU inside .
Some EZS need gateway to work on bench ,BUT is the most fast tool for pass calculation for ezs FSB3 (w166 etc..) .
Also when you need to adapt used elv after renewed it you also need to renew the ezs !!!! other tool do not need to renew ezs when we adapt a renewed elv.

Best regards !


VVDI PROG change baudrate to 153600bps

Here Samic explains the SAMIC process- d70f3630 frequency


Checked dump ,this programmer use the default low baudrate 9600bps to read data.

VVDI PROG changed baudrate to 153600bps to decrease read time


baudrate change step:

1.Use low baudrate 9600 wakeup the chip, if get the correct response, go to step2


2.Start change baudrate, due to the d70f3624 doesn’t know own osc frequency, programmer need send it the accurate value

(VVDI PROG put some common-used osc value,so you can see try frequency xxxxhz info)


3.Programmer send the new baudrate value to d70f3624, vvdiprog use 153600bps

the d70f3624 can calculate the new baudrate with the osc value, but if the osc value is incorrect,you will get a wrong baudrate

(eg: the actual osc is 4Mhz, if you set a 8Mhz osc value and change the baudrate to 153600bps the chip will set a 76800bps)


4.Use the new baudrate to communicate

How to use Xhorse 3-button remotes with VVDI Key Tool

This is the instruction for the wireless/wired remotes from Xhorse.


This remote is a Xhorse 3-button remote…there is no ‘Panic’ button.


3-button wireless/wired remotes from Xhorse:


Incl. Xn008,xn004,xn002,x013,x008,x004,x002,x001,x007 remotes, etc.



















How to use Xhorse wireless remotes with VVDI Key Tool:


Using the VVDI Key Tool, select Product Remote and select the remote you would like to generate.

Hold remote to ariel portion of tool during generation. Install proper blade for your application

Program remove to vehicle as you would an OEM remote


Note, the WIRELESS remote head key has the chip already integrated into the electronics board. No disassembly is necessary and no chip installation is necessary, unlike wired models.


How to use Xhorse wired remotes with VVDI Key Tool:


Open remote and remove battery

Connect data cable to white connector on remote PCB board and plug into VVDI Key Tool

Using the VVDI Key Tool, select Product Remote and select the remote you would like to generate

Disconnect cable, reinsert battery, and reassemble remote. Install proper chip and blade for your application.

Program remove to vehicle as you would an OEM remote