Possible to add keys to 2013 Prius using VVDIprog and key tool?


2013 Prius with fob fcc id: hyq14acx
DENSO 14ACX. Customer has original key, can vvdi prog and vvdi key tool renew/erase/write/create working second key fob with used key fob?



you can do it with mvp or skp900, if it’s a used key you’re using do a reset immobilizer, and when you’re adding the key use you’re key first not the customer’s otherwise is not going to take it. If the key is new or clean you can just add it, 2 minutes job, also you can clean the key with the vvdi2

(Credits to Juan M DF from the Xhorse group)

VVDI Tools: PIN Code vs Key Password

Here I will explain the difference of “PIN code” and “Key password”  in xhorse tools:

In general,

PIN, Personal Identification Number, is a short numeric value. It is usually used as a second authentication mechanism. For example, at an ATM you swipe your debit card (what you have authentication) and then type PIN (what you know authentication) to get access to your account Password, on the other hand, are supposed to be long and use alphanumeric values (lower and upper case letters, digits, special characters).

But there is a bit difference in vvdi tools for auto key programming

Pincode: just give you access to the immobilizer …

Key password: it’s need it for the algorythm for calculating key data.


Good to know: another important details to know is that those are two different system of key learning.

– Peugeot uses the first way, which is to ADD a transponder to the car. The new transponder data may be totally unknown from the car, and the PIN authorizes the add of it. Same as most car brands.

– Mercedes uses mostly pre-known data. Which means you need to read KEY memory, as 100% if the keys (current and futures) are already known by the car in advance. (Like BMW !) usually 8 or 10 keys are available. The password is required to calculate the key data that you will need to pre-code the key, based on what you have read inside the EIS.