VVDI MB Points: How to exchange for BGA tokens

Procedure to exchange VVDI MB points for BGA tokens:

Combine all the Xhorse tools with Upgrade Kit

Select a device and click on Binding

Enter your phone number to login

Log in and link your VVDI MB Tool to your account

Use the Key Tool application to exchange points for tokens

key tool application download for iOS and Android:

Scan the QR code to download app


For iOS mobiles:

For Android mobiles:

Then you will be able to exchange points to tokens sussfully

Note: 200 Points = 1 BGA Token

VVDI MB Tech Support: http://www.xhorsetool.com/

W219 add new keys with NO pushing to start using VVDI & VVDI MB

W219 all keys lost – Confirmed! It’s possible to make a W219 key without the push to start using vvdi and vvdi mb!


2007 CLS


got it done. it had a w211 eis which was nice since I’ve done it before. the biggest problem was getting the eis out after removing the bracket. my hold up was that the wires needed to be taken out of the eis first so I could rotate it to slip past the air bag module.


Tips on getting this eis out:

If you got the bracket out just pull it from the bottom it should be easy