VVDI MB error “Internet configuration not correct” when prepare key file

VVDI MB Tool displays error when prepared key files:
Internet configuration not correct. please check internet or change isp and retry!

Tried old and new version. Reinstalled new version and firmware , with no change


Well the issue is windows. I installed it on an ancient windows 7 PC and it works fine. Windows 10 did just push an update and seems to have broken the MB. I have checked and all windows security stuff is off + has exemptions for the tool. Worked prior to the last update

(Thanks to Jerry King)

VVDI MB Tool IR Reader Wiring Diagram

This is the pinout for the VVDI IR reader infrared adapter



IR reader is necessary?

Password online calculation using VVDI MB work for a lot of Mercedes car models. Meanwhile some car models can read key password directly, like V51 V57, and HC05 based one. But if you can not read it directly, please get key password online.

That is why you need IR reader.

IR reader works good?

Yes. read the review below:

Benz E320 2004 read password via IR 5 minutes add key.

by the way its on car not bench read by obd and read password by IR 10 minutes,and it is all key lost.

its truth …5 min

if you don’t believe that an hc05 based vehicle can give you key password by IR in 5 minutes even in all key lost ….means you don’t know very well Mercedes key programming lol

w203,w209,w211 from 2001 to 2003: its 90 percent probabilities key pass by IR …..if you guys don’t know that its better you come back to school …cause that’s basics.


Why your new VVDI MB cannot update to the latest version 5.0.1?

When you get 5.0.0 or 5.0.1 update failure on your new VVDI MB (bought from 1st Aug to 30th Sep),
pls go to your own seller to check if your machine is locked or not
most update failure i got result from machine locked
the possible reason:
you’ve got vvdi mb for a loyal price: 600 usd + 5000 bonus points
but xhorse hasn’t taken your bonus points. so you cannot use the new machine even though you have it
note that this is for loyal customers
the solution is:
pls go to your seller and send him your machine/account which has more than 5000 bonus points.
when xhorse get your 5000 bonus points, your vvdi mb machine will have no issues of the latest update 5.0.1 and work well
Tip: How to Get Bonus Points?
1.Get 60 bonus points by using Xhorse Smart Keys  and other xhorse vvdi keys.
2. Different keys have different points

you can get 200 points (1 token) for each mb be key

will get 25 points if you use a xhorse mb wired key

will get 40 points if you use a xhorse mb wireless key