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Toyota G transponder 47 cloning with MINI Keytool + Super Chip

Test report: VVDI mini keytool + super chip work for Toyota G transponder 47 cloning   You should have: Toyota key vvdi super chip mini key tool mobile for xhorse app The test starts here… Transponder: ID47 chip Select: ID47-HONDA G Transponder: VVDI XT27 Put the XT27 transponder into the coil detecting transponder… the vvdi mini key tool version 1.1.1 […]

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VVDI Mini Key Tool

VVDI Mini Keytool ALL Functions: Activated!

Look here: What can you do with VVDI Mini Keytool with all functions activated? VVDI mini key tool FULL Authorization: Done! AI – Car remote type                       Already activated AI – Key blade type                        Already activated AI – PIN code                             Already activated Remote – Vehicle remote                   Already activated Remote – Garage remote                   Already activated Remote -Proximity remote                  […]

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