VVDI2 and VVDI-Prog program X3 key (EWS4)

Here, you will learn how to program a new X3 2004 key and do eeprom job with Xhorse vvdi (VVDI2 and VVDI-Prog)


Q: Can i make a x series key with the vvdi2 and how? (it’s x3 2004)

A: Yes …it is ews4 (eeprom job )


Q: Taking the ecu out?

A: Not the ecu …taking immo box out …its a white box under the steering wheel same size as a pack of cigs.


Q: Do i need any adapter for that?

A: you just need open vvdi prog ,select ews4 and will show you the connections….solder it and you are good to read it


Q: And does it give you a key code like the cas’s

A: no , is it your first isn’t it?


Q: yes it is. Is this what i need?

A: thats not for ews4…VVDI prog have its own EWS4 adapter, so does the AK90

I mean there is ews4 incircuit connect by vvdi prog. Look here:



Q: how is the procedure

A: Put the ESW4 module in the adapter and lock it

To solder

VVDI-PROG 4.6.4 Update & Download (software, wiring, manual)

Free download VVDI PROG v4.6.4  software (2017-10-26):




* VVDI PROG v4.6.4 software doesn’t require firmware update
* Whole bunch of new Adapters as shown below, ready in stock as of next week
1- E-Prom Clip Adapter
2- EWS 3 K-Line read/Write Adapter
3- EWS 4 Adapter
4- 29Fxxx Adapter
5- MC68HC05xx / MC68HC705xx

What’s New:

* Fix some bugs
+ Add VVDI PROG USER MUNUAL 4.6.4 version in Doc folder
* Fix EEPROM CLIP ADAPTER R&W some chips error problem
+ Add LACROSSE-BCM(2008) option in <4-IMMOBILIZER>-><BUICK>
+ Add ALSVIN-V7(2017) option in<5-DASHBOARD>-><CHANGAN>
+ Add HAVAL-H6 option in<5-DASHBOARD>-><GREATWALL>
+ Add E60-KBM, PDC-MODULE options in <8-OTHER>-><BMW>

Update via Online Update function within your VVDI PROG S/W
Or use Mega server directly


VVDI Prog EEPROM Clip adapter

VVDI Prog EWS3 Adapter

Xhorse VVDI PROG EWS4 Adapter

VVDI Prog M35080/D80 Adapter

Xhorse tools tech support: