Tips: VVDI-Prog read/write the eeprom 35160WT

Tips from pros: to write M35160WT eprom with lower milage using vvdi prog

Tom Show: in order to read/write the eeprom 35160WT you need the adapter to bypass the lock ID page ID and the Key ID, the adapter will stay in place, you have to find a place to put it.

Anass Gmih: I Think must Read EEprom 35160 And change NEW epproom 35160 WRITE NEW KM

Tom Kedra: 35160dw is enough.
Use vvdi, read full, reset milage in bin file, write to 35160dw from xh. Done.

VVDI Prog M35160WT M35128 Adapter, Where to?

M35160WT and M35128 adapters are available in the VVDI Prog full kit latest version 4.7.7.

VVDI Prog adapter M35160WT where to buy:

VVDI Porg 4.7.7 download link:!usJ1AaoI!iwLDnwEu7d5nKnYcM3xLjtlA6xy8GB6MJdfDH0MJdTo

VVDI Prog v4.7.7 released notes (2018-11-28)
* This version DON’t need update firmware
+ Add VVDI PROG USER MUNUAL 4.7.7 version in Doc folder
+ Add M35128(ADAPTER) M35160WT(ADAPTER) options in <1-EEPROM&FLASH>-> (Need M35160WT ADAPTER)

(Note that, we’re sorry there is something wrong in the image from the software. the adapter should be M35160WT, NOT M3160WT)
+ Add MB89F538, MB89F538L, MB89F499, MB91F211, MB91F213, MB95F108B, MB95F166, MB95F108AM, MB95F118M,
MB95F118B, MB95F128, MB95F128MB, MB95F168MA, MB95F156M, MB95F136MB, MB95F116MA options in <2-MCU>->
+ Add BENBEN-EV(2018) option in <5-DASHBOARD>->
+ Add FENGGUANG-330(2015) option in <5-DASHBOARD>->
+ Add CRUZE(2012) option in <7-AIRBAG>->


VVDI Prog M35160WT functionality is confirmed!