VVDI2 6.6.1 test report: OBD make BMW dealer key

This is a test report which shows CAS4 OBD ability on VVDI2 6.6.1:

Step 1: read key info

Step 2: pre-process cas4/ca4+

Step 3: obd make a dealer key

Step 4: key learn

Step 4: test the new key

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go to vvdi2 transponder bmw program

read  key info

the key info is displayed

you need pre-process cas4 if making a dealer key or do odometer correction

you dont need to pre-process cas if with disabled key enabled

pre-process cas4/cas4+

updating data… do not press any button on the car

read key info again

now you can make a dealer key or change km thru obd in the vvdi2 main interface


make a dealer key with ignition switch

pls choose key position

put a new key close to the ignition

key learning

key learning is successful

test the new key: working!





VVDI2 6.6.1 updated – CAS4/CAS4+ OBD2 works now!


Xhorse vvdi2 is updated to version 6.6.1 on 20/08/2019.

VVDI2 6.6.1 download:

vvdi2 6.6.1.exe (download app directly)

vvdi2 6.6.1 mega link (download on mega)

VVDI2 6.6.1 released notes:

VVDI2 firmware: required V6.6.1

VVDI 2  software:

VVDI 2 VAG V6.6.1:
1. Improvement for autodetect VAG immobilizer system
2. Bugfix

VVDI2 BMW V6.6.1:
1. Works for CAS4/CAS4+ (XEP100 series, 5M48H/1N35H) thru OBDII
1). Works for all CAS4/CAS4+ encrypt version with 5M48H/1N35H chip
2). Can prepare a dealer key with OBD (you’re advised to use ignition switch prepare key)
3). Can reset mileage in CAS4 module
2. Bugfix

VVDI2 Porsche V6.6.1:
1. Bugfix

VVDI2 PSA V6.6.1:
1. Bugfix

VVDI2 Transponder Programmer V6.6.1: 

1. Immobilizer data tool: Support copy start, no need write EEPROM back
1). Support 98% types: 11, 12, 13, PCF7935, PCF7936, 48, 4C, 4D, 4E, 4D DST+, 8C, 8E etc.
2). VVDI super chip is required and select an used key position
3). The new key can start car directly without write back EEPROM

2. Improvement for copy 46 and copy 4D
3. Immobilizer data tool: Asia->Mazda->MPV 24C02 2005 – 8C
4. Immobilizer data tool: Asia->Mitsubishi->Grandis – 24C02 show PIN CODE
5. Immobilizer data tool: Asia->Ssangyong->Action Diesel 9S12 – 2011
6. Immobilizer data tool: Asia->KIA->Sportage 2008 – MPCxx
7. Immobilizer data tool: Asia->Hyundai->I30 2012 – STM
8. Immobilizer data tool: Asia->Brillance->M2 – 93C66
9. Immobilizer data tool: Europe->VW->Santana 93C56 bugfix
10. Immobilizer data tool: Europe->Peugeot->Peugeot 607 2001
11. Immobilizer data tool: Europe->Opel->Mokka 2008 – 24C16
12. Immobilizer data tool: Europe->Volvo->S60 2010 – NEC
13. Immobilizer data tool: Europe->Renault->Master 2013 – NEC
14. Immobilizer data tool: Europe->VW->Passat VDO 1997 – 93C66
15. Immobilizer data tool: American->Ford->Transit 2017 – NEC
16. Bugfix

VVDI2  Copy 48 (96 bits) V6.6.1:
1. Bugfix

VVDI2  J2534 V6.6.1:
1. Bugfix

VVDI2 Online Upate Tool V6.6.1:
1. Bugfix

VVDI2 Quick Start V6.6.1:
1. Bugfix