VW Jetta 2012 – vvdi2 and vvdi prog

Can I do vw Jetta 2012
Push to start ?
If yes what Is the process please?
I have vvdi2 and prog 

Tip 1: Have the right key first then go into service mode and make dealer key , after that learn all keyless go to the car putting the new numbers of keys count and interacting them to the coil below steering wheel gl

(credits to the contributor Omar Attili)

Tip 2: If it’s not all keys lost you can do all obd. If akl service mode and you’ll have to short a fuse to get ignition on. But as said above make sure you have the right key first

(credits to the contributor Bojan Manojlovic)


Feedback: I did regular key and the car running good.

2014 vw Jetta all key lost with vvdi2

Here, I can tell me how to program 2014 vw Jetta all key lost with vvdi2:

Remove cluster. Pull eeprom. 24c32 and put into service mode and refit.
Read Immo data and write new key.

I do these on the bench to prevent loss of abs coding or read it with Vagcom first just in case

(thanks to Carlton Quay)


Question: Do you have bench rig?

Answer: I just made it myself. Bought some plugs off eBay and made it for about $20. You can buy them but are easy to make
I just find it easier since the cluster is out and apart anyway


Question: So you will only plug the cluster back after the dealer key is learnt ?

Answer: yep. Car starts then I learn a second key if required by obd