VVDI2 PSA Review

VVDI2 PSA work well?


Depending on which BSI you can do. It works only on CAN protocol and no van network. For example Peugeot 206 van net. not work, p.206+ can net. Work ok.



Customer reviews:


  1. Pin code psa dont work by vvdi2


  1. citroen c4 work 100% for read pin

tested 100%


  1. i read on Monday c4 pin with version 4.0… no problem 2006


  1. citroen c4 I can confirm also it is working


  1. I did c4 No problem


  1. just read the pin and cs from ecu.


make backup from cluster, and the cluster configuration.


then make a dealer key, and learn it with pin.


my Peugeot 308 2008 BSI JC pin extracted OK. Key learn OK.




Tip: Xhorse VVDI2 PSA only works for CAN line protocol based Peugeot, Citroën and DS cars

Download v4.1.0 VVDI2 vag/bmw/porsche/psa software  


Free download vvdi2 software v4.1.0 on Mega:

https://mega.nz/#!SgJBDaAK!0LZHIrnnUoPKspT680Vh3YGFF_sGBIf378yU8RZ r0VA

VVDI2 software version:

VVDI2 VAG V4.1.0

VVDI2 BMW V4.1.0

VVDI2 Porsche V4.1.0

VVDI2 PSA V4.1.0

Passthru J2534 V4.1.0

Online Update Tool V4.1.0

Quick Start V4.1.0

You can find the detail update information from Readme in newest software, Mainly include:

  1. Add support to read PIN code from santana ECU (Special Function->Engine Control Unit)
  2. Bugfix for write A4/Q5/A5 KM
  3. Bugfix for OBD read key information from CAS (9389115): Now we dont support read this CAS ID via OBDII, will add soon

Just a suggestion for the Xhorse team: (big thanks to ibeids)

They should consider making the VVDI2 read CAS BDM just as it is able to read the BCM on Audi by BDM. From what I gather is that the hardware of the VVDI2 is very similar if not exactly the same as the VVDI prog and so they should add the CAS BDM function into VVDI so it is easier and also more convenient especially for those that do not have extra programmers around.