Can VVDI2 work for VW Tranporter 2017?

Here you will get the answer to question “VW Tranporter 2017, Can VVDI2 do it? What are the steps?”


T6 is till 2019 always uds dashboard.

But use 2 different transponders.

Some are id48 annd some are id88.

I try an couple with vvdi but there is an bug i think.

Cus vvdi can enter service mode and see all data.

But if the dash is equipt with id88 it cant precode the key.

If dash have id48 no problems.

P.s. the dashes what use 88 abrites avdi can do it without problem

(thanks to Go-tronics Gurcan  for his suggestion)

2010 VW CC all keys lost: VAG OBD helper or VVDI2?

Question: 2010 VW CC all keys lost can be done with VAG OBD helper ?
If not what the process?


Remove comfort box behind glove box,
Read chip,
Vvdi2 transponder programmer
Make dealer Key
Write new file back to chip,
Start car,
Program remote with pro pad, im100 or any other computer. Vvdi sucks on remotes from my experience.

(Thanks to Yoni Bainerman )