Xhorse Upgrade Kit Log File Location

Xhorse Upgrade Kit log file, where to:

Find the folder of ‘Upgrade Kit’ and find the ‘setting’ file in the folder as below

Open the ‘setting’ file and set the setting file as below and save it

Close the ‘setting’ file and run the ‘Upgrade Kit’ for update the machine (VVDI tools, hand-held Keytool, Condor key cutting machines etc) , it will set up the log file

Xhorse tech support: http://www.xhorsetool.com/

How to install Xhorse Upgrade Kit

Steps to install Xhorse Upgrade Kit:

Connect the Mini Condor to the PC

USB will power the screen menu

Open the Upgrade Kit Software

(near the bottom of the screen there is a drop down)

Select either of the XC Mini Choices

Click on Find Device

After the Device is found click on Update

Once this process is finished, your Mini Condor will be up to date