Which cutter to use for Condor Mini? 1.5mm or 2.5mm?

When using the Condor, how do you know which cutter to use? 1.5mm or 2.5mm?



Always use 2.5 mm cutter.

2.5 works for all. Haven’t even opened the 1.5.

The rule of thumb is 1.5 for edge cut and 2.5 for high security. Whatever key you’re cutting the condor will tell you on the cut screen what the recommended size is. To be honest, just use 2.5 for everything.

2.5mm replacement cutter for the Condor XC Mini key cutting machine. This cutter is used for high security keys.
Test: Cut TOY48 with 2.5
780-285-285=210 . 2.5 is 250 . 210-250 = -0.40 If you have lock bit 5 and 5 on same position each side this 0.2 will break up oter side.
(credits to Liudmil Docev )

What’s the difference between KM02xx and KM03xx series

This is for your information. Condor XC-Mini KM02xx and KM03xx series is different

what is the difference between KM02xx and KM03xx series ?

the difference are:
motherboard,driver board,touch screen and add a fan near power.
KM03xx supports the Bluetooth function.


how we know is our machine is KM02 OR KM03?

mate,turn on the machine you will find machine SN and software version in main-interface.


Condor Mini KM03 test report:

Today tried to cut HU55P, cutter started to the other direction and cut into the jaw


I cut some HU64 and never had a problem with it.


100% hu64 is ok with condor xc007 and condor mini tested by me many times…


I used it to cut HU100. Worked like a charm!!!


HU66, HU49, HU83 cutting OK.


Recently got the Condor Mini.

Seems good. However if the dust cover could have been designed a bit away from key it would’ve been nice.


I haven’t no any problems with Condor XC-Mini

cut keys blade HU64-3 without any problems



Condor KM02 feedback:

I have machine with SN starting with KM02.

To cut keys HU92 BMW need to be in 1.00MM, when you select HU92 the device will ask you to chose between Land ravor and BMW, Land Rover came with 1.00mm and BMW with 1.25mm, if you try to cut with 1.25mm the key will not turn.

I have proved with 4 different machines and 3 different cars.