How to use & Where to buy VVDI Prog adapters for Mercedes EIS/EZS

Xhorse VVDI Prog

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VVDI Prog XDPG30CH adapters for Mercedes Benz EIS/EZS:



1 NO need to solder

2 Read data perfectly

3 Can be external power to light when working

4 Easy to operate, Transparent material, better to Observed


VVDI Prog MB adapters incl:

adapter for W164(ST12),

adapter for W169(ST12),

adapter for W203(HC08),

adapter for W209/211(ZWG),

adapter for W209/211(HC12),

adapter for W211(ST12),

adapter for W215/220/230,

adapter for W639(HC08),


adapter for VITO W639(ST12).

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