VVDI2 Full Kit vs. VVDI2 Full Configuration

Look here: vvdi2 full kit and vvdi2 full authorization difference

it’s different. the full kit doesn’t cover full authorization

In detail…look at the chart below:


 Cars and Authorization VVDI2 Full Kit VDI2 Full Configuration
5th AUDI Authorization
BMW OBD Authorization
BMW CAS4 + Authorization
BMW FEM/BDC Functions   x
Copy 48 Transponder by OBDII x
Copy 48 96 bit Transponder and MQB function x


That is, the full kit doesn’t cover 48 copy, 96bit 48 copy, mqb function and fem/bdc function.

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How to VVDI MB points and free tokens

Can I get vvdi mb tokens for free? How to?


Vvdi mb tech support:


if you have points, it will help you save a lot. for vvdi mb, tokens are required


you can get 200 points (1 token) for each mb key http://www.xhorsetool.com/wholesale/xhorse-vvdi-be-key-pro-improved-version-new.html

will get 25 points if you use a xhorse mb wired key

will get 40 points if you use a xhorse mb wireless key


Tip: how to exchange points for tokens



buy vvdi mb with unlimited tokens together

It’s cost and effective

Full kit = vvdi mb + unlimited tokens for 1 year:



Good to know:

how to add tokens for vvdi mb tool



Why tokens are necessary for vvdi mb?


VVDI MB 4.6.0 download: Fix for W164 W169 W209 W211 key program

Xhorse Update: VVDI MB Tool software is updated to version 4.6.0

Link: VVDI MB 4.6.0 download

Password: 123456

Date: 04-12-2018

Released notes:
Runs on Firmware V4.5.0 
1. Password calculation: Bugfix for W169/W209/W211(Kline) while all key lost
2. Bugfix for reading W164 EIS 2009
3. MB power adapter: When client use pirated MB power adapter to upload calculation data will get detail error
4. Bugfix