Mini 2010 all keys lost: OBD2 done with VVDI2?

Xhorse VVDI2 Key Programmer

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Hi guys! I have all key lost on Mini 2010. What CAS is it? If it’ s not encrypted can I make all by obd? Thanks


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Well , first plug in your software to see what is it ! lol

Yes you can do it by OBD and most likely CAS3 even if it’s encrypted you can downgrade it , if you out of lock it might ask for a ISN number , but one in a hundred chance .

I’ve done so many of them , I even did a 2012 it wasn’t encrypted..
but I came across 2007 & 2010 they were encrypted , so you never know .. vvdi downgrades them fine but I have to use autohex to put the ISN number after .. all OBD .
So my advice if it’s encrypted don’t risk it with VVDI2 if you don’t have a OEM tool to recover just in case it goes bad 

Note: it’s your own risk. pros at has not tested this method

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