VVDI MB 5.0.0 NEW features: disable FBS4 key W166 W205 W213 W218 W222 W246

(Oct, 2019) VVDI MB TOOL released the newest version 5.0.0 with a new feature: FBS4 key disable

Pls update your software and firmware with “Update Online”

Firmware: 5.0.0 required

Software: version 5.0.1 (updated)

vvdi mb tool 5.0.1.exe (password: 123456)

VVDI MB 5.0.0 software released notes:

1. This update require update firmware V5.0.0

2. Password calculation: Improvement for W169 password calculation while all key lost

3. Password calculation: Improvement for the all key lost diagram

4. Password calculation: Improvement for the online calculation interface

5. Add FBS4 disable key function(Special function->FBS4 disable key)- Support W166/W205/W213/W218/W222/W246 type

6. Bugfix