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Xhorse XDRT20 Frequency Tester V2 is a portable hand-held remote tester which supports IMMO signal, doorknob signal detection and infrared signal detection. It features intelligent power-saving, longer battery life and magnetic suction function, convenient to use, small and easy to carry.

Here are some customer real reviews for your reference.

Review 1: Works well

Use Xhorse tester v2 for work. It tests remotes for cars.

Review 2: I love it

I like xhorse v2 remote tester. It’s cheap and works great.

Review 3: Works as you would expect

Test multiple key frequencies. If you’re unsure if a fob is bad or just the batteries this xhorse remote tester a quick and inexpensive way to find out

Review 4: Saved me money

I had 2 remotes that went out at the same time which is highly unlikely. Replaced batteries and tested switches. I was going to replace a module in my car. I used this xhorse v2 tester to determine that coincidentally my remotes were bad. This kept me from going in circles.

Review 5: Use this about every week in the shop.

People say their remote doesn’t work, sometimes they are right, sometimes it’s just a battery, sometimes it’s the security module.

This xhorse frequency tester v2 helps figure out what direction I need to go in to continue a lot faster, and then popping open a key fob and checking the battery!

Review 6: Great option

I have had a few remotes that were suspect. This V2 tester tells me if the signal and carrier signal are both working. Nice to know when troubleshooting an expensive repair.

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