2018 Audi A1 Spare Key Programming by Xhorse VVDI2

Xhorse VVDI2 Key Programmer

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It is a 2018 Audi A1. The customer only has one working key now, and he wants to add a new spare key. The job was completed by Xhorse VVDI2.

Main steps:

Step 1: Read and save EEPROM data

Step 2: Read and save IMMO data

Step 3: Make dealer key

Step 4: Reset instrument

Step 5: Add key

2018 Audi A1 spare key adding procedure:

Connect VVDI2 programmer to the vehicle via OBD2 cable, and connect to the computer via USB cable

Insert the original car key to turn the ignition on

Run Xhorse VVDI2 software (VVDI2 V6.8.2)

Select Key Learn>> 4th immobilizer system- Audi>> A1- Instrument NEC+ 24C64

Read EEPROM/FLASH firstly

Pay attention to the prompt “Switch on with working key before press OK. If car has keyless GO, put the working key nearby car coil and switch on”.

Here just click “OK” to continue

Read the attention carefully as below and follow it to operate step by step.

1.The dashboard is dark when you see this tips, you need finish all operation before reset instrument.

2.Read EEPROM and save it

3.Read IMMO data and save it

4.Prepare a dealer key (you can go to step 2 if have working key also don’t want add key)

5.Reset instrument

6.Add key, use immo data to learn the new dealer key to car

7.Finish other customer requests

Note: The dashboard will remain dark until “Reset Instrument”.

  • Read the original EEPROM data successfully and save it

  • Read Immo data and save the file

  • Make dealer key

Put a key into the coil of VVDI2 programmer

Then click “Make dealer key”

Choose dealer key type: Audi>> Prepare normal dealer key>> NEXT

Make sure to make an Audi normal dealer key

The key is made ok and locked

  • Reset Instrument

Click the corresponding function option and wait the operation is done

  • Add key

Make sure the EEPROM and Immo data have been backed up before learning key.

Then go to continue.

Choose add key method: Learn key, login with security code from immo data. Put the key into ignition switch on accord flowing tips. You must prepare all working keys. If the key not learned, it can not start the engine after learned.

Load the immo data just saved, and input the learning key number: 2.

Confirm the car has key, and go to next step

Insert the dealer key into the car and switch on for at least 2 seconds. The time for change key should smaller than 5 seconds. Press OK button on the screen after all keys are learned.

After all keys are successfully learned, use the key programmed to test the remote, lock and unlock functions, all work well!

Result: VVDI2 key programmer add new key to 2018 Audi A1 successfully!

Note: If you need a new blank key to add, VVDI remote is a good choice.



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