How to generate VVDI super remote

This is about VVDI super remote generation:

step 1: remote generation

step 2: transponder generation

step 3: programming or cloning transponder

Note: If the procedures out of sequence like if you do transponder generation cloning transponder – remote generation, then the transponder data will be erased.

So please follow the procedures above to use vvdi super remote

(Credits to Misaki)

Link to vvdi super remote:


VVDI RKE BOX user guide for newbies:

Xhorse VVDI RKE BOX is applied at the following aspects:

  1. – To change the original straight remote control to folding remote- No method or apparatus temporarily to add a new remote control

    – Temporary replacement because of the original out of stock

    – Only one remote for the original car (such as the Chinese, Besturn, etc.)

    – To seek low-cost remote control instead of the expensive original one

    Note: at least one original remote control for use of the kit


1.Power options:
Connect 3V remote control by default, not any welded joints connection.
If you connect remote control of 6V, 9V or 12V, please take the main box apart and select the corresponding joints showed on the the following image.
Example: To connect 6V remote control, you should have 6v welded joints connected.
2. Wiring :
Remove the circuit boards in the original remote control, and connect to the main unit as the right picture shows (connect the white wire to buttons, red to the positive, black to the negative)
3 kinds of remote button: 2-feet, 4-feet and 5 feet buttons
4-feet and 5-feet buttons: no direction distinction, but it must be soldered at the diagonals
2-feet buttons: no direction distinction, and respectively solder the two feet
original remote control
remote wiring diagram
IMPORTANT: Do not reverse the power cord on the remote control
2. To get power via OBD or 12V constant power from the car
3. Key/ remote matching and clearing
Press SET button on the Host box (in the internal hole at the side of unit), then the buzzer beep twice, to go into the matching state
Press any button on the new remote for a while until the buzzer beep continuously. Key matching is completed.
Repeat the previous two steps to add another new key.
Up to six keys to match for one Host box; the key matching will fail if more
In the matching state, the buzzer beeps once if the key cannot be detected for more than 10 seconds, and then automatically exit the matching state to go into the normal working state.
Press SET button for a while until the buzzer beep continuously. All the keys matched previously are cleared and return to factory state
Kindly Note
If the key is lost or not to use, you can erase all the keys and then re-add all lost keys to ensure safety.
Key to be added
SET button
4. To add the key embryo and anti-theft chip to the remote control

Xhorse universal crystal remote on Ford – which car model & year?

This is the Ford full car list that Xhorse universal crystal remote can works on.


mainly used for Ford remotes with tranpsonder id46, id63, id49

Ford C-Max 2013-2018 M3N5WY8609 0514 195 ID46
Ford C-Max 2010-2015 KR55WK48801 0553 117 ID63
Ford Edge 2011-2015 M3N5WY8609 0514 195 ID46
Ford Escape 2013-2016 M3N5WY8609 0514 195 ID46
Ford Expedition 2015-2017 M3N5WY8609 0514 195 ID46
Ford Fiesta 2008-2017 KR55WK48801 0553 117 ID63
Ford Flex 2013-2019 M3N5WY8609 0514 195 ID46
Ford Focus 2011-2015 KR55WK48801 0553 117 ID63
Ford Galaxy 2010-2019 KR55WK48801 0553 117 ID63
Ford Kuga 2011-2019 KR55WK48801 0553 117 ID63
Ford Mondeo 2007-2014 KR55WK48801 0553 117 ID63
Ford Mondeo 2014-2019   0541 842 ID49
Ford Ranger 2015-2019   0541 842 ID49
Ford S-Max 2010-2015 KR55WK48801 0553 117 ID63
Ford Taurus 2013-2019 M3N5WY8609 0514 195 ID46
Ford Transit 2016-2019   0541 842 ID49