Condor xc-mini vs Miracle A7 vs Viper vs Ninja laser vs V8/X6 key cutting machine

ikeycutter Condor XC MINI

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How to choose a  key cutting machine for a good price and good quality? Here is something you need to know before you decide to buy a key cutter.


Condor xc-mini is a good budget machine , more suited to the workshop than mobile due to size and weight. it has some bugs , some issues and some gaps , but the quick and easy update for lifetime plus wonderful function are the scoring points. this for what it costs, on the whole a decent machine for the money.


 Miracle A7 is a reliable machine , has a few bugs but reliable as a light use machine , ideal mobile on a van and space saving .


 Viper is a heavy machine and can play up in cold , but is a great heavy duty machine that will give a lifetime of reliable use and receives lifetime updates and as Silca is normally up to date.


 Ninja laser – excellent machine , nothing better for me on sx9 keys , laguna 3 , megane 3 , new clio cards using 1234Q5678H series and decoding and cutting clio 3 keys , fast reliable cutting that allows you to pick various styles of cut as well as adjust to half cuts etc , the software can take getting used to due to the functions available on it , adds cylinder keys to your services too , its a well built machine that is like silca updated for life free.

Most will cut a tibbe key on a clamp , but none will in my view cut a perfect tibbe key , a stand alone option will always cut a better key and far quicker too


V8/X6 key cutting machine is a starter machine for very light use and build quality is poor in comparison , i had an x6 to play with for a few months , condor will last longer and be more reliable of the 2 , its at least being supported and updated which is a big plus and is a far superior build quality to the x6 which at best is a hobby or starter machine .

It isn’t always 100% accurate , but the find biting function on Condor is useful if you don’t have instacode to hand , and is a useful addition that makes the Condor more useful. Actually, Condor mini wins in most aspect!

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