W221 All Keys Lost: Done without EIS replacement by VVDI MB 4.7.0

VVDI MB V4.7.0 is to confirmed to work for Mercedes W221 AKL All Keys Lost – tested successfully by one of a prominent customers here in Libya 🇱🇾 in Surman City 50Km’s away from Tripoli the Capital
This perhaps could be the 1st W221 in the world to get a set of working keys without having EIS replaced

The last, the full list of Mercedes all keys lost that can be done by vvdi mb


VVDI Mercedes car list: all keys lost (01.2019)

VVDI MB car list: all keys lost (full, updated 19-01-2019)

VVDI MERCEDES version 4.7.0 supports the following models all keys lost  and can program new keys without soldering:

W166 W197 W212 W218 W246

W172 W204 W207


W164 W251 (-2009)

W164 W251 (2009-)


W169 W209 W211

W202 W208 W210 W203 W463 W639

W639 (2009-)


Attach: VVDI MB 4.7.0 download link

VVDI MB 4.7.0 download for W164 W221 W251 all keys lost


VVDI2 6.1.0 Update Tips & Guides

Xhorse VVDI2 6.1.0 update tips and guides:

1. Fully uninstall then install again,you may need to turn off driver signatures
2. Pulled the sub cable in and out A couple of times changed ports too , it worked
3. Also check the firmware is up to date

4. you need to update the computer software, your firmware on vvdi2 device is 6.1.0 but u most likely need to update software on computer , or if you did that first start the updater and after that plug in thw vvdi2 device

5. Updated driver

6. Check if your driver is installed correctly or not. It should result from the driver installation!

This is for the error message below:
Not found device
Error – Cannot find vvdi2, reconnect VVDI2 and try again!