How to get 96BIT ID48 authorization for VVDI2, Keytool, Mini Keytool

96BIT ID48 authorization service:

VVDI2 / Key Tool Authorizations

ID48 Cloning Option is included with the VVDI2, however it requires additional purchase of authorization for non-CAN ID48 transponders and CAN ID48 transponders.

96bit 48 Copy (with an original key)

VVDI2 and Key Tool:

96bit 48 Copy is used when there is an original 48 key available. With this authorization you will be able to copy information from the original key without connecting to OBD.

96bit 48 Copy supports 2002-2017 VAG 48 transponder vehicles. It doesn’t work for vehicles with smart key system.


  • 96BIT-48 authorization
  • KeyTool must have software V1.2.5 (2017-2-23) or later*
  • ID48 Chip (purchase separately)
  • If using VVDI2, requires an id48 data collector/emulator (purchase separately)
  • 100 points (or 1 token)*

Please note: 

  • If you are using the Keytool, you don’t need the emulator to clone any 48
  • If you are using the VVDI2 – you will need the emulator to clone 96 bit 48


Please provide your VVDI2 serial number when placing and order

*Visit our Downloads page to get the latest software

**FREE 1500 points will be included with activation

*One calculation takes 100 points or one token


The last but the best:

For customers with MINI Key Tool, it’s free to get 48 96 bit authorization and free token for one-year use

OBD Copy 48 Transponder vs Copy 96 BIT 48 Transponder

Lots of things you’d better know for OBD ID48 and 96bit 48 copy with Xhorse tools incl VVDI2 and VVDI Key Tool.


OBD ID48 and 96bit 48 copy:

ID48 96bit Car List:

Model ID Year
Skoda Octavia 48 Up to 2017-18
Fabia 48 Up to 2017-18
Laura 48 Up to 2017-18
Superb 48 Up to 2017-18
Rapia 48 Up to 2017-18
Yeti 48 Up to 2017-18
Volkswagen Polo 48 Up to 2017-18
Vento 48 Up to 2017-18
Ameo 48 Up to 2017-18
Jetta 48 Up to 2017-18
Passat 48 Up to 2017-18
Touareg 48 Up to 2017-18
Audi A4/A6 48 Up to 2017-18
Q3/5/7 48 Up to 2017-18
TT/R8 48 Up to 2017-18
Fiat Linea 48 Up to 2017-18
Punto 48 Up to 2017-18
Avventura 48 Up to 2017-18
Volvo S60/80,XC70/90 48 Up to 2017-18
Honda Accord (OLD) 48 Up to 2017-18
Chevrolet Beat/Sail 48 Up to 2017-18



Note: What is difference of OBD 48 Copy and 96 BIT 48 Copy? Why do you need both?

OBD 48 copy needs use a data collector via OBD way to collect car data with OBD device(like VVDI2)…it can program new keys when all keys are lost but needs a OBD device that is able to read data.


As for transponder 48 96bit copy, it’s used when you have an original 48 key; that is, you can copy a new key from an original key, without collection with the OBD and car. But attention please, here you must have the original 48 key.


Transponder 48 Copy – You have to know:

  1. VVDI2 has two 48 copy authorization OBD and 96 bit,but VVDI Key Tool needs96 bit only.
  2. If you have both VVDI2 and VVDI Key Tool, purchase to activate VVDI2 ID48 96 bit authorization,thenbind VVDI2 with VVDIkey tool, your VVDI Key Tool can get the authorization too. But if you have VVDI Key Tool first, then buy VVDI2, your VVDI2 can not get it for free even though you bind VVDI2 with VVDI Key Tool. In other words, this process is irreversible,VVDI2 to VVDI key tool is OK, but VVDI Key Tool with 96 bit authorization, then to VVDI2,you have to pay for the authorization again.


Make it clear:


VVDI2 with ID48 96 bit authorization-> bind VVDI2 and VVDI Key Tool -> VVDI Key Tool get ID48 96 bit authorization for FREE


VVDI Keytool with ID48 96 bit authorization-> bind VVDI2 and VVDI Key Tool -> VVDI2 cannot get it for free – you have to PAY FOR 96 bit authorization


Official explanation:

Copy 48 emulator/collector 
collect data from ignition switch, used for copy 48 transponder by OBDII


Copy 48 Transponder by OBDII 
Require: VAG 4th generation immo system, require read PIN & CS from ECU,copy
48 emulator
Support: all key lost/keyless go system/No soldering or remove module
Support models: (if can read cs/pin from ECU, means support) parts of example:
Mostly of JCI new type dashboad 2016-EOS
Volkswagen Scirocco
Audi Q3
Tiguan keyless go system
Parts of 24C64,24C32 dashboard
Copy 96bit 48:
Require: Woking key, collect data from vehicle ignition switch, copy 48 emulator
Support: All car types with 48 transponder without OBDII, only add spare key
Support list:(parts of example)
2002-2017 VAG 48 transponder cloning, Honda, Buick, Cadillac, Fiat, Volvo,
Great Wall, Zhonghua more details,
1. 96 bit copy 48 support normal 48 transponder in the market(no need special transponder)
2. 96 bit copy 48 support add spare key no limited quantity, support as the vehicle all key position
3.96 bit copy 48 neither support keyless go system nor MQB platform.


VVDI Key Tool can copy VW 48 96 bit chip

Success! Xhorse VVDI Key Tool is confirmed to copy VW 48 96 bit transponder.

It’s very easy to collect data of the original key and then upload data to write to the new chip. That’s all.

Here is the how-to’s in detail.

The VVDI Keytool and app on an Android device, the key..

The dash

Note: All will be done on the bench

Connect the Keytool and the phone via Bluetooth

Vvdi key tool is gonna copy the chip

Search the result

Put KEY TOOL antenna close to ignition switch

collect data:

if the original key is not a smart one, insert the original key, turn on ignition, then turn off, put out the original key

repeat the procedures above until sniffer data complete.

if the original key is a smart one, take out the battery of the original key, then put it close to the coil detection area and light up cluster, turn off the ignition switch, move away the original key

repeat the procedures above until sniffer data complete.

Successfully collected data

Put the original key into the KEY TOOL coil, then upload data

Calculating…need 1.5 minutes around

Don’t move the original key

Verify the original key

The last calculation success

Verify the original key

Read id48 successfully

Put the new key (chip) into the coil, and Keytool app writes data into it

Copy id48 successfully

Test the new key

It’s working


VVDI key tool is verified to copy id48 96 bit without any issue!