What’s the next thing when you receive VVDI KEY TOOL?

Look here: What will you do next when you receive your VVDI KEY TOOL?


Update via the pc upgrade kit: http://blog.xhorsetool.com/xhorse-upgrade-kit-1-5-3/

Update the key tool’s firmware and bind it to the upgrade kit

Download the latest xhorse app version 1.5.2 and pair it. It will tell you on the app if you are up to date with everything.

Then put it all back in the bloody cupboard until they release the superchip which they can’t even give an estimate date….

VVDI Key Tool Chip List (Recognize-Read/Write-Copy)

VVDI Key Tool Chip List:


Chips can be recognized

Chips can be edited (read and written)

Chips can be copied offline

Chips can be copied online

# Functions will be released

* Only support some

Chips ID Recognize Read/Write Copy Offline Copy Online
11 Y Y# Y
12 Y Y# Y
13 Y Y# Y
30 Y Y# Y
33 Y Y# Y
42 Y Y# Y
46 Y Y# Y
4C Y Y# Y
4D-60 Y Y Y
4D-61 Y Y Y
4D-62 Y Y Y
4D-63 Y Y Y
4D-65 Y Y Y
4D-67 Y Y Y
4D-68 Y Y Y
4D-69 Y Y Y
4D-72G Y Y Y
4F-64 Y Y Y
49 Y Y Y
4D-70 Y Y Y
4D-83 Y Y Y
48 Y Y Y* Y
4A Y
8C Y


Chip List from VVDI Keytool Manual:


Tech support from Xhorsetool.com

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