VVDI MB 4.1.0: W202 W208 W210 Password Calculation

(07.2018) The latest VVDI MB TOOL V4.1.0 now is able to calculate password for Mercedes W202 W208 W210 via K-Line.

VVDI MB TOOL V4.1.0 software download link:


require vvdi mb firmware 4.0.0

How to use VVDI MB V4.1.0 for W202 W208 W210 pass calculation:

1. This software update does not need the firmware update

2. Password calculation:

Support calculate password for W202/W208/W210(K-Line) EIS:

a. Very safe and quickly: NO need MCU’s de/soldering, 

b. Able to add key and do all keys for password calculation

c. Require about 25-30 minutes

d. Need MB Power Adapter

e. Should work on the bench, not on a car

3. Bugfix for load motorola EEPROM dump file in EIS window

4. Bugfix for activate BE key

5. Bugfix for read EIS W209

6. Bugfix