VVDI MB 4.6.0 download: Fix for W164 W169 W209 W211 key program

Xhorse Update: VVDI MB Tool software is updated to version 4.6.0

Link: VVDI MB 4.6.0 download

Password: 123456

Date: 04-12-2018

Released notes:
Runs on Firmware V4.5.0 
1. Password calculation: Bugfix for W169/W209/W211(Kline) while all key lost
2. Bugfix for reading W164 EIS 2009
3. MB power adapter: When client use pirated MB power adapter to upload calculation data will get detail error
4. Bugfix


Review from Martin Atkinson: I love my xhorse tools

Review from Martin Atkinson:

I have VVDI-Prog, VVDI MB and VVDI2.

VVDI-Prog is an amazing tool to compliment the VVDI MB and VVDI2

if it won’t read with the adapters I just solder on only had one so far that wouldn’t actually read once I had cleaned it up. But tbf I’ve only used xhorse tools for Mb so far


VVDI2 + VVDI Prog + Eeprom Adaptor

BMW 120D 2017

FEM Add Key.

Plugged into vehicle read key data
Preprocess the fem module
Programme spare key with isn from existing key.



VVDI MB + VVDI Prog + MB Adapters

Mercedes Vito W639 2010

Only Working key failed

Removed EIS

Read EIS with MB adaptors + VVDI Prog

Generate key files with VVDI MB

Write file to VVDI MB KEY

Replace EIS

Initialise key and test remote




VW Polo 9N3 2007

All keys lost

Key learn>key learn>wait for auto detect immo. VAG (immobiliser Box) – KWP1281 was autodetected.
Get pin/cs


Manually read pincode under immobox/instruments>VDO66/VDO86

Key learn>key learn>wait for auto detect immo. VAG (immobiliser Box) – KWP1281 was autodetected.

Failed to Programme Keys

Key Learn>Key Learn>manually select VAG KWP1281 Immobiliser>enter number of keys and pin>press learn and follow on screen prompts.



Tips from an experienced user: Vw polos / Ibizas and similar systems have problems on key learning menu cause ecus it locks itself and doesn’t allow you to do the process even if vvdi2 said successful ….as long as you read cluster on those k line there is another way to add key directly and faster than do key learning .


In sum I love my xhorse tools. If you know what your doing and know the systems they are brilliant. I just need to get more acquainted with the BMW systems


(Big thanks to Martin Atkinson)

W219 add new keys with NO pushing to start using VVDI & VVDI MB

W219 all keys lost – Confirmed! It’s possible to make a W219 key without the push to start using vvdi and vvdi mb!


2007 CLS


got it done. it had a w211 eis which was nice since I’ve done it before. the biggest problem was getting the eis out after removing the bracket. my hold up was that the wires needed to be taken out of the eis first so I could rotate it to slip past the air bag module.


Tips on getting this eis out:

If you got the bracket out just pull it from the bottom it should be easy