Toyota G transponder 47 cloning with MINI Keytool + Super Chip

Test report: VVDI mini keytool + super chip work for Toyota G transponder 47 cloning


You should have:

Toyota key

vvdi super chip

mini key tool

mobile for xhorse app

The test starts here…

Transponder: ID47 chip

Select: ID47-HONDA G

Transponder: VVDI XT27

Put the XT27 transponder into the coil

detecting transponder…

the vvdi mini key tool version 1.1.1 is working

Transponder generation: success!

Again, go to transponder clone

Put the transponder into the coil position to detect

Type: transponder 47

Specific model: Toyota G

Specific chip: PCF7953x

ID: xxxxxxxx

Status: Unlocked

Blank or not: Blank

Clonable or not: Unclonable

All done!


(Thanks for Andrew)

Can I use VVDI super chip on VVDI2, keytool and mini key tool?

Answer for question “Which xhorse tool can you used for the new super chips?”


VVDI super chip on VVDI2: Yes!

VVDI super chip on vvdi key tool: No! 

VVDI super chip on mini key tool: Yes!


VVDI super chip on vvdi key tool 3.2.3 : YES



Failure with vvdi key tool

Update on 31-05-2019: vvdi key tool can work with super chips:


Success with vvdi mini key tool

Test on 2015 Toyota Camry with H chip

Look here:

VVDI mini key tool copied H chip 2015 Toyota Camry: Quick!