VVDI Mini Keytool ID48 96 Bit Authorization + Token + Review

Confirmed!  VVDI Mini Keytool is verified to be able to do id 48 96bit online calculation.

ID48 96 bit budget:

150 usd for all (machine. delivery, auth., tokens)

look here: http://www.xhorsetool.com/wholesale/xhorse-mini-key-tool.html

ID48 96 bit authorization:

Free activation with mini key tool

ID48 96 bit tokens:

Free to use

One token per day for use

ID48 96 bit calculation review:

AYLIN CHERKEZ: Thanks for Xhorse team,id 48 96 bit activ, thanks Laura CH for everything

Copy 48 96 bit Activation FREE for VVDI Mini Key Tool 2019 ONLY

VVDI mini key tool 48 96 bit activation:

48 96 bit activation is free for mini key tools made in the year 2019

This is for your information

For machines before 2019, you have no luck with chip id48 96bit copy

You will get errors below if you activate 48 96bit on mini key tool before 2019

For vvdi mini key tool chinese version, you can buy tokens to get 48 96bit authorization