How to use 35160DW chip for VVDI Prog reads/writes mileages

35160DW chip tips and guides- What you have to know

This is: How to read and write 35080XXX,35160XXX,95XXX odometer with a VVDI Programmer:


you MUST have: a new 35160DW chip for VVDI Prog



Reasons for to get the chip:

1.Replaced M35160WT XDPG31CH Adapter

2.Stable and reliable

3.Perfect replacement of original chip

4.Refuse the red dot, no need simulator soldering


XHORSE 35160DW adapter, working together with VVDI Prog, can fix the red dot without emulator,
it can perform as the same stable and reliable as the original one.

This VVDI Prog 35160DW chip is for the new BMW.
If you use the current market equipment to adjust the mileage, the meter will display a red dot.
What is the support for replacing the following chip? It is a chip that is specially used for this chip.



35160dw chip now supports M35080, M35080-3, M35080-6, M35080V6, M35080VP, D80D0WQ, 160D0WQ,36160WT but doesn’t cover 35128WT (but will cover 35128 in the near future)



directly solder the 35160dw chip on the board with 8 pin from the vvdi prog  standard package





Step 1. read and backup data of 3 areas (memory, LONGID, IDLOCATION) from the original dashboard IC

note: have to read and write data with the latest vvdi prog software (will be released soon)


Step 2. write the backup-data to 3 areas on the chip

if the first two lines of the chip need change mileages, pls click on “Erase INC” on the bop right corner and then read out data

if the first two lines display all zeros, manually enter a new mileage for change

directly click on “Write” then done!


Step 3. solder the fixed chip on the dashboard to check if it starts or not, with or without a red dot


The last: the 35160dw chip is NOT re-writable!!!!!!!!!!

vvdi prog m35180wt reviews

Is it really possible to prepare m35180wt with vvdi prog
Has anyone tested it?

reviews from

Julien Lafontaine-Fagnan not yet… they made an adapter but they had to recall it due to an issue with it.
Vlad Osadchyy I just bought the adapter and it does not not work reads different data through different variants and none can write or erase properly, waiting for virgin chips to see if it can write those at least.
Matei Mihatoiu Works perfect for me, did two 35160WT already
Bogdan Onet 35160WT doesent work to erase first 2 rows with milleage!!! dont confuse with d160wt or 35160WQ. They made an adapter and they recalled it. Totally bullshit. CGPRO made a same adapter ant they sais first in the world BLA BLA doesent erase shit. And also corupted the eeprom to ffff wich mean 999999. For the moment just emulator for eeprom prepared with dp4 or smok.
Matei Mihatoiu 35160WT from 6WB from 2017 😉. Some adapter don’t work, but some do…
Bogdan Onet Lucky. 1 in a million works. 99% of them keine.
Bogdan Onet you can edit VIN for for retrofiting or virginize thats not a problem. And if the cluster value its smaller than CAS / FEM you can code it without problem and no tampering dot.
Bogdan OnetVirgin eeprom no problem. Can do that. But 35160WT has hidden id linked with fujitsu procesor. But that is not meaning nothing. You can put also old 35080 but red dot will be present.
Stefan CimarnoOnly vin writing you can do with some 160d0wq programmer. Thats boring.