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VVDI Prog 4.7.1 supports PIC16Fxxx PIC12Fxxx PIC18Fxxx R5F64xxx

VVDI Prog latest version 4.7.1  can work with more chips incl. PIC16Fxxx , PIC12Fxxx, PIC18Fxxx, R5F64xxx, etc. and also support more new cars incl some made in the year of 2018. VVDI-PROG 4.7.1 download link: https://mega.nz/#!BRUmTCiD!NR-5ppntpyyZ8wN5Y0U92gDaIkZtVgfXOR68lKh-PfA/url look here: VVDI-PROG 4.7.1 released notes: VVDI PROG v4.7.1 (2018-05-29) * This version DOESN’t need update firmware * Fix some bugs […]

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