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VVDI-PROG 4.6.4 Update & Download (software, wiring, manual)

Free download VVDI PROG v4.6.4  software (2017-10-26): https://mega.nz/#!TxgFmKyL!vssR9dHt2BmDjHQ0tXC1g-thM7NXhPl95lnSYIylku4 password:123456   * VVDI PROG v4.6.4 software doesn’t require firmware update * Whole bunch of new Adapters as shown below, ready in stock as of next week 1- E-Prom Clip Adapter 2- EWS 3 K-Line read/Write Adapter 3- EWS 4 Adapter 4- 29Fxxx Adapter 5- MC68HC05xx / MC68HC705xx […]

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