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VVDI super chipXhorse Key

What is VVDI super chip? (VVDI2 6.5.0 NEW Feature)

This is a VVDI super chip, the latest Xhorse tool released in 24/04/2019. It’s used with VVDI2 sw 6.5.0 for auto key programming Also can work with VVDI key tool and mini vvdi key tool It’s original from the Xhorse manufacturer The chip can be used as chip 7935 33 40 41 42 43 44 chip 7930 46 chip 7930 […]

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VVDI super chipXhorse VVDI2 Key Programmer

VVDI2 6.5.0 download link + released notes (VVDI super chip)

Free download VVDI2 6.5.0 software: https://mega.nz/#!EZ0DwKSY!0Nqt4wB5fjV3F3p-WHpw_rhkNApRAc7Y0_xcShNirXc   Date:23-04-2019 Software version: 6.5.0  Firmware requirement: version 6.5.0 IMPORTANT: VVDI super chip is released, but it require software V6.5.0 !!! Released notes: VVDI2 VAG V6.5.0: 1. Improvement for Audi A6/Q7(IMM4) adapt Gearbox 2. Bugfix for MQB35xx write immo data 3. Improvement for autodetect VAG immobilizer system 4. Bugfix […]

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