VVDI2 2018 VW Golf 7: JOHNSON CONTROLS & NEC35XX: Success!

VVDI2 feedback:

2018 VW Golf 7 NEC35XX 

A follow up from my earlier post.

I was able to add a key to a 12/2018 Golf7 with JOHNSON CONROLS as well as a 11/2018 Golf with a VDO NEC35XX. Both cars would not identify with the VVDI2 but I was able to make it happen with the helper cable.

I would like to thank Silviu Chei and Zaghal Yaseen for their interest and help.


Step 1 : read car with OBD Helper
Step 2: precode key with VVDI2
Step 3 : learn all keys to car.

Conributor: Jamie Kite

VVDI2 BMW Reviews

VVDI2 BMW Reviews:


  1. i did yesterday CAS1 bmw read eeprom by obd and got key info and cutting code


2. vvdi2 bmw can make key in bmw ews direct by obd or need read ews dump by programmer then make key


3. i have a vvdi2 with vag and bmw authorization

have to programmed new keys in bmw (bmw e90 2008 USA year), without keyless go

in original key inside transponder pcf7953 315mhz

My hint for you: Chinese keys work only transponder but remote need to remove cas and do it on bench on tango or xhorse vvdi, but obd method need always original for better chance chip is 7945 or 7953 which is 46 family good luck


4. Xhorse vvdi2 v1.2.1 adds support for MED17/EDC17 dump tool, support clone ECU(Menu->Special Function->MED17/EDC17 dump tool)
But sadly only work for Condor key cutting machine users


5. my vvdi 2 is full not basic. but function for edc17 only for condor cutter user.no for all vvdi2 full user
vvdi mb bga have the token system, if you have condor cutter 1 token in 1 day for free if you don’t have you need pay
it is different


6. i have mini 2012 lost key CAS3+ tried on vvdi2.

everything went ok

got ISN from DME and also EEPROM from CAS

and remote programmed successfully


but car did not start i did one fault once the vvdi tool asked me whether the car has been started or no i said yes and car has not started yet i thought maybe because of the low battery but i gave power to the battery and tried no joy remote functioning but a yellow key shown on cluster


Then i was advised to try to select blank key position with 7953 transponder, via ISN method to make key.


And I really did new fresh programming of the key and the car starts