Xhorse Tech Support: VVDI Keytool Server Error

This is for VVDI key tool with error message when connected to the mobile phone:

Error message:

Server error. Please contact dealer for help.


you should use the new xhorse app.

download with scanning the code attached

or search: xhorse app then download it

Good to know: VVDI Keytool stopped production!

VVDI MINI Keytool released!


VVDI2 Error: E0-94 – Remote Data Fix

Please repair vvdi_remote_data!

VVDI2 has error Error: E0 – 94

this is Chinese version remote control and it works only with Chinese remote database.

you should reinstall vvdi2 with Chinese database and it must be work for you

this is EU version data base with English language BUT your remote is not EU ( it is Chinese). for this, you need to use Chinese database with the Chinese language

in short, what you should do is:

  1. send the serial number of your vvdi2 and note your country to the XHORSE tech support
  2. update and install your vvdi2 software

finally, you will have no problem with your remote


on a side note (06-12-2017 fromSamic), currently when install VVDI2 the remote database will be Chinese remote database(customer can replace bin file to change remote database version).

next version will add option for customer selection one version remote database(any version customer can select just one time),

then all new versions will automatic update remote database.

src: http://www.digital-kaos.co.uk/forums/showthread.php/482518-VVDI-2-new-tool-arrived/page223