VVDI Key Tool Max Plus Dolphin XP005 Cut Volvo HU56R Key

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I got a Volvo door lock from a 2000 Volvo S40, and I’m going to cut a HU56 key all keys lost by Key Tool Max & Xhorse Dolphin XP005.

I decoded it and got the bidding and run it through lock code, so the key code is DH0800.

I have connected key tool max and Dolphin XP005 via Bluetooth.

Then I directly enter DOLPHIN menu, select “All Key Lost”-> “Volvo”.

Just punch the code in to get the bidding loaded into the machine. Everything is good.

Just follow the instruction on the screen to put the key blank and clamp it.

Press “Cutting key” on the VVDI Key Tool Max and then “continue”

Dolphin XP005 starts to cut the key

It takes about 2 minutes to cut one side of the key. Then change another side of the key to cut.

When both sides of the key have been cut, insert the key into cylinder to test. It works flawlessly!

That’s all!

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