VVDI Mini Key Tool Review

Xhorse vvdi mini keytool review:

Aylin Cherkez:

Thanks for Xhorse team,id 48 96 bit activ, thanks Laura CH for everything

Michael Wheepy Crousaz:
 I will keep it with me all the time
Very convenient to check transponder type and frequencies, small and easy
I have only 1 fear about that tool
It’s that it will become too easy to anyone to make themselves keys
That’s bad. It’s killing key and locksmith market
And security of course

Andrew Cuillo:

able to clone an H chip with mini keytool, u just need the super chip

Transponder 8A clone

the pixels are not bad. it’s because the camera shutter is faster than the LCD refresh rate. beasides, it happened so quick and it was sunny outside I probably caught a glare but it is fine

Lee Davies:

to be honest, I only bought this keytool to unlock remotes and to clone H and 8c. Everything else gets cloned by my handy baby. So I’m just waiting for that ever elusive superchip.

Kike Ortiz:

Well  between vvdi key tool and vvdi mini key tool, from my experience, mini key tool will do a quicker and better job then the key tool. The mini will NOT renew remote for what I understand. I bought the mini recently as I wanted to do a ID 48 for VW and online, since offline can damage the original remote. I notice the activation would cost $250, and the mini was at $139-150. With free activation and 1 year tokens. So now have both.


well 1 job pays for itself. Actually have 2 key tools and 1 mini, if a new one comes out that does something totally new, I’ll probably buy it. 1 or 2 jobs pays for itself. I’ve had case where my AutoProPAD or other programmers fails, and key tool gets the job done. Probably my favorite tool. Just pre ordered 80 super chips as well

Kelvin Tan:

Just different on level. Low spec, middle spec and high spec.