How to update VVDI MINI Key Tool

VVDI Mini Key Tool

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Hello to all,

this is VVDI Mini Key Tool update instruction

here,  we take version 1.0.9 to 1.1.1.

you can update mini keytool to the latest version 1.1.1

updated with Xhorse App 1.5.1 iOS

mini key tool 1.1.1 new features:

  1. New: Add Xhorse super models series remote generation support
  2. New: Add the generation support of Hyundai, Kia 4D70 (super module chip or remote)
  3. Modified Toyota G chip generation key location
  4. Add the signal detection of automobile coil


Thanks for Andrew Cuillo for the images above

vvdi mini keytool 1.1.1 update:

xhorse app released info that mini key tool can be updated to a new version 1.1.1

vvdi mini keytool is version 1.0.9

  1. Pls ensure the internet is good. and use your cellphone 4G if necessary
  2. It will take 7-8 minutes for update. pls ensure the device has enough power
  3. Pls ensure cellphone with a stable connection to the device

mini key tool starts firmware update…

Connecting to PC via a USB cable when updating fw

mini key tool firmware update 100%: success!

mini key tool restarts

VVDI mini key tool now is the latest version 1.1.1

 Many thanks to Ionut Aida Erika Danica for his video
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