VVDI PROG change baudrate to 153600bps

Xhorse VVDI Prog

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Here Samic explains the SAMIC process- d70f3630 frequency


Checked dump ,this programmer use the default low baudrate 9600bps to read data.

VVDI PROG changed baudrate to 153600bps to decrease read time


baudrate change step:

1.Use low baudrate 9600 wakeup the chip, if get the correct response, go to step2


2.Start change baudrate, due to the d70f3624 doesn’t know own osc frequency, programmer need send it the accurate value

(VVDI PROG put some common-used osc value,so you can see try frequency xxxxhz info)


3.Programmer send the new baudrate value to d70f3624, vvdiprog use 153600bps

the d70f3624 can calculate the new baudrate with the osc value, but if the osc value is incorrect,you will get a wrong baudrate

(eg: the actual osc is 4Mhz, if you set a 8Mhz osc value and change the baudrate to 153600bps the chip will set a 76800bps)


4.Use the new baudrate to communicate

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