Xhorse Key Tool Max/Pro Calculate Password on Kia/Hyundai

VVDI Key Tool Max

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How to calculate Kia/Hyudai password using Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Max/Max Pro?

It needs a working key or a blank key if all keys are lost and internet connection.

Tap Transponder Clone on the main menu

Tap Clone at the left bottom

There is a transponder list

Select ID46 online calculation

Tap Start clone

Select Kia/Hyundai password

Put the working key into the coil of VVDI Key Tool Max Pro for identification

Select an acquisition method- Original key clone (recommend) support original ID46 calculation

Position the key tool to be in range of the slot and put the original key in it

Data acquisition completed

Pull out the original key and put it into the Key Tool Max coil for verification

Verify pass, start to calculate the password online

Calculate success


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