Key Tool Max Clone 48 Online (96Bit) Chip for 2012 Proton Persona CNG

VVDI Key Tool Max

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Case: Customer lost chip but have 1 working key for his 2012 Proton Persona CNG

Solution: Clone with a new key using VVDI Key Tool Max and VVDI super chip XT27


Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Max

Xhorse VVDI super chip XT27

One original key

One blank key


1.Check if the working key can start the car or not

2.Make sure Key Tool Max connect to WiFi

3.Select [Transponder Clone]

4.Follow the prompt to put the original key into the Key Tool Max coil

5.Press [Read Transponder]

The info has been detected out indicates this chip can clone.

6.Then press [Clone]

7.It needs at least 100 points per 1 time

8.Start clone

9.Put the original key into the coil of VVDI Key Tool Max for identification

Sniff data…

10.Close the antenna to the ignition switch

11.Insert the original key into ignition to turn on then turn off, and pull out the key to collect the data

Collect 1 group data successfully

Acquisition data is same…

This car need to wait at least 1 minute each collected time.

12.Repeat the step until collect 8 group data

13.Then put the original key into Key Tool Max coil to calculate

14.Upload data to server…

15.Queue number 34, require 34 minutes, query after 10 seconds

16.Then press [Query calculation result]

Calculate data successfully

17.Put the working key into Key Tool Max coil, start verifying the original key

18.Then take out the key and put the VVDI XT27 and wait for the data to be written

Copy successfully

19.Depends on your need, press [Done] to exit or press [Continue] to write next chip

Now the chip copied can start the car

20.Put the new XT27 chip into one new key to clone next chip by press [Continue]

Clone successfully

21.Finally, use the new key to test whether if it can start the car.

Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Max:

Xhorse VVDI Super Chip XT27A01 XT27A66 Transponder:


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