Xhorse Solder Free Adapter, Any Good?

Xhorse Adapter

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Xhorse Solder Free Adapters is designed to provide simple and safe key programming work without removing chip or cutting wires for locksmith.it work with Key tool plus and mini prog.

Here we list 5 reasons that you need to have this Xhorse Solder Free Adapter sets:

Reason 1

  • Audi BCM2 Solder Free Adapters more economical & safe.
  1. Supports get BCM2 data for A4L, A5, Q5, A6L, A7, A8 to do key adding & all key lost. It’s only $130 to solve data encryption issue, cheaper than paid calculation service, normally $500.
  2. Avoid extra cost from the risk of data loss.

Let’s calculate the situation in case you have lost data without backup. You’ll need to order a new BCM module($500) plus an AUDI original key($580). And that’s not even adding any labor costs. The whole process may even take 1 month for waiting or even longer.

Reason 2

  • Volvo KVM CEM Solder Free Adapter is safer than soldering.

Read Volvo KVM/ CEM data by soldering is generally complicated, which is only recommended for experienced locksmiths. Even so, the slightest mistake can easily cause damage. Xhorse solder-free is able to avoid the loss of misoperation.

Reason 3

  • BMW CAS4/CAS4+ XDNP12GLAdapter is more efficient to save time.

Xhorse Solder Free Adapters package include the CAS4/CAS4+ adapter, which is extensive use for locksmiths. No soldering + simple way. While improving efficiency, it also means saving time and cost.

Reason 4

  • Land Rover XDNP16KVM Solder Free Adapter can avoid loss from partitionning errors.

Although some devices(eg. VVDI Key Tool Plus) support to program Land Rover all keys lost via OBD, it’s more recommended to use KVM Solder Free Adapter in case communication failed.

On the other side, crystal oscillator or components of the KVM module are vulnerable to damage by soldering. With the solder free adapter, the problem is no longer a concern.

Reason 5

  • PorscheXDNP17 Solder Free Adapter is easier to crack successfully.

Soldering wires to get immo data is always difficult for Porsche. Besides, it’s also easy to crack failure. Once the partition error was prompted, which means you may meet a huge loss. That’s the why the solder free adapter came out to help locksmiths avoid potential risk.

As a whole, it’s very useful to have Xhorse Solder-free Adapters in daily work. Buy the complete set of adapters will be a good investment for locksmiths.

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