Can I use VVDI Keytool for 8C chip copy?

VVDI Key Tool

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This is for those want to know if vvdi key tool is able to copy 8C chips or not.

(Note that vvdi key tool now is updated to vvdi mini key tool)


Confirmed by a lot of users:


Oussama Ben Mohamed: Yes


Heru: There is a superchip coming, if im not mistaken


Jóvan Nel: What’s the price on that chip, and also to what chip can the 8C currently copy to


Fórizs Józsi: Yes into the most expensive chip (tk5561)


Joe Taylor Maurice: thats interesting that’s the same chip that Handy baby uses its the only chip knowen to copy ford/mazda 8C transponder chips


Mostafa Iqnaibi: Handy baby can copy 8c chip to tk5561a chip


Ben Weydling: Tango can copy and it works


Joe Mahon: Pretty sure JMA copies 8c chip


David Purdy: It not difficult to copy. Just the price and availability of the virgin


Ideas collected from the xhorse group:

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