VVDI2 OBD added smart key CAS4: 15min

2013 528i added another smart key within 15 min by OBD, easy as 1,2,3….

Using vvdi2 version 6.6.5

I been using VVDI2 for years & haven’t bricked a CAS yet so when they stated they can do CAS4 by OBD, I was ready to do it plus been doing CAS4’s for a while just not by OBD

Key written successfully

Go to the car with the key

No need write back to EEPROM

(Credits to Kinny Long)

How to use VVDI2 to add CAS4+ keys thru OBD2 (BMW 730LD)

Test report: VVDI2 CAS4/CAS4+ thru OBD

Car: BMW 730LD (CAS4+ 5M48H)

connect the vvdi2 machine to the car thru obd port and the laptop

go to VVDI2 BMW software

select CAS4/CAS4+ F series

get key info

VVDI2 read out key info

unlock cas4/cas4+


– you are gonna perform cas4/ca4+ programming function. it will take 10 minutes

– you must provide extra power to the car before programming

– if all keys are lost, please press the brake and open light to activate communication

unlocking cas4/cas4+…

cas4/ca4+ unlock success1

you can make a dealer key or reset km via obdii

select a key position

prepare a dealer key with a programmer

having a working key

switch ignition on with a working key

insert the working key to ignition switch

prepare record the following information

info saved at : My document – vvdi2 – cas4

put the original key into vvdi2

put the new key into the vvdi2 programmer

key  is written successfully

go to the car with the key

no need write back eeprom

the car started successfully

the remote function worked well

Success! VVDI2 can add CAS4/CAS4+ keys thru OBD2. Done!


Note: CAS4/CAS4+ by OBD is activated for users with

1.  vvdi2 full kit:


2. vvdi2 with BMW full configuration: (with/without fem/bdc config.)


It’s a free function.  But you should have the new sw: at least 6.6.1

Can VVDI2 work for VW Tranporter 2017?

Here you will get the answer to question “VW Tranporter 2017, Can VVDI2 do it? What are the steps?”


T6 is till 2019 always uds dashboard.

But use 2 different transponders.

Some are id48 annd some are id88.

I try an couple with vvdi but there is an bug i think.

Cus vvdi can enter service mode and see all data.

But if the dash is equipt with id88 it cant precode the key.

If dash have id48 no problems.

P.s. the dashes what use 88 abrites avdi can do it without problem

(thanks to Go-tronics Gurcan  for his suggestion)