2013 Audi A3 all keys lost: Done with vvdi prog & vvdi2!

Test: 2013 Audi A3 all keys lost with vvdi prog and vvdi2.

OBD method: prepare a dealer key immediately with OBD

Menu – key learn – lost all keys – obd prepare key


BDM method: prepare service mode eeprom dump

A3/TT/R8 instrument with Micronas CDC3217/3297+24C32

  1. enter into diagnostic “03 ABS Brake”

record ABS coding

  1. find 24c32 chip from dashboard

read 24c32 chip with BDM programmer

save the dump file

  1. use “prepare 24c32 service eeprom” make service eeprom dump

write service eeprom dump to 24c32

restore dashboard to the car

  1. back to the main window for obdii operation
  2. read immo data and save them

prepare a dealer key (important!!!

  1. add the key to the car directly
  2. reset dashboard
  3. if abs lost coding, restore it

if car has keyless, learn the key with immo data



Credits to ‎Mohsin Sabrin‎ 

How much to get full configuration for vvdi2 basic

Question: I have the vvdi2 device with the basic one. How much will it cost me to open it to the full package?

Answer: i advise you to sell you vvdi 2 device with the basic one (sv86-c)

since it’s 2500 usd for full configuration

 but if you get a new vvdi2 full configuration, it’s 1700 usd

that is it’s 1700 usd for vvdi2 device + full configuration:

1) VV-01 VAG 4th immobilizer: activated!
2) VV-02 VAG Audi 5th immobilizeractivated!
3) VV-03 VAG copy 48 transponder by OBDII: activated!
4) VV-04 Copy 48 96 bitactivated!
5) VV-05 VAG MQB immobilizer: activated!
6) VB-01 BMW OBDactivated!
7) VB-02 BMW CAS4activated!
8) VB-03 BMW FEM/BDCactivated!
9) VP-01 Porsche immo data tool: activated!
10) VPSA-01 PSA: activated!
11) VK-01 Transponder Programmer: activated!
12) VJ-01 Passthru J2534: activated!
13) Toyota H Activationactivated!
Link to vvdi2 configuration:
note 1: the language is different from vvdi2 software
VVDI2 for BMW: English, Italian, Spanish, Polish, German, Hungarian, Chinese
VVDI2 for VAG: English, Polish, Spanish, Chinese
VVDI2 for Porsche: English, Polish, Spanish, Chinese
VVDI2 for PSA: English, Polish, Spanish, Chinese
VVDI2 Transponder programmer: English, Polish, Spanish, Chinese
note 2: what is vvdi2 basic